A Discrete-Event Network Simulator



This document is intended as a living document. We hope and expect it to grow over time to cover more and more of the nuts and bolts of ns-3.

Writing manual and tutorial chapters is not something we all get excited about, but it is very important to the project. If you are an expert in one of these areas, please consider contributing to ns-3 by providing one of these chapters; or any other chapter you may think is important.


ns-3 is a large and complicated system. It is impossible to cover all of the things you will need to know in one small tutorial. Readers who want to learn more are encouraged to read the following additional documentation:

  • The ns-3 manual
  • The ns-3 model library documentation
  • The ns-3 Doxygen (API documentation)
  • The ns-3 wiki

– The ns-3 development team.

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