A Discrete-Event Network Simulator


This section details the functionalities provided by the Adaptor class to an ns-3 simulation. This section is meant for users interested in developing simulations with the ns-3 tools and using the Data Collection Framework, of which the Adaptor class is a part, to generate data output with their simulation’s results.

Note: the term ‘adaptor’ may also be spelled ‘adapter’; we chose the spelling aligned with the C++ standard.

Adaptor Overview

An Adaptor is used to make connections between different types of DCF objects.

To date, one Adaptor has been implemented:

  • TimeSeriesAdaptor

Time Series Adaptor

The TimeSeriesAdaptor lets Probes connect directly to Aggregators without needing any Collector in between.

Both of the implemented DCF helpers utilize TimeSeriesAdaptors in order to take probed values of different types and output the current time plus the value with both converted to doubles.

The role of the TimeSeriesAdaptor class is that of an adaptor, which takes raw-valued probe data of different types and outputs a tuple of two double values. The first is a timestamp, which may be set to different resolutions (e.g. Seconds, Milliseconds, etc.) in the future but which is presently hardcoded to Seconds. The second is the conversion of a non-double value to a double value (possibly with loss of precision).

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