A Discrete-Event Network Simulator


This section discusses the scope and limitations of the Data Collection Framework.

Currently, only these Probes have been implemented in DCF:

  • BooleanProbe
  • DoubleProbe
  • Uinteger8Probe
  • Uinteger16Probe
  • Uinteger32Probe
  • TimeProbe
  • PacketProbe
  • ApplicationPacketProbe
  • Ipv4PacketProbe

Currently, no Collectors are available in the DCF, although a BasicStatsCollector is under development.

Currently, only these Aggregators have been implemented in DCF:

  • GnuplotAggregator
  • FileAggregator

Currently, only this Adaptor has been implemented in DCF:

Time-Series Adaptor.

Future Work

This section discusses the future work to be done on the Data Collection Framework.

Here are some things that still need to be done:

  • Hook up more trace sources in ns-3 code to get more values out of the simulator.
  • Implement more types of Probes than there currently are.
  • Implement more than just the single current 2-D Collector, BasicStatsCollector.
  • Implement more Aggregators.
  • Implement more than just Adaptors.

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