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Sometimes, you may want to find an application of a given type on a node. The Node objects provides basic access to do this, and the TypeId mechanism the ability to identify the application. If the application objects have TypeId definitions, then this simple loop will find an application:

  Ptr<Application> app;
  Ptr<MyApp> myapp = 0;
  for (uint32_t x = 0; x < node->GetNApplications(); x++) {
    app = node->GetApplication(x);
    if (app->GetInstanceTypeId() == MyApp::GetTypeId()) {
      myapp = dynamic_cast<MyApp *> (PeekPointer(app));

  if (myapp != 0) {
    // Do something MyApp specific with it...

Note the specific syntax of the cast---the template is of the pointer, not a Ptr.