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Accepted Projects

This page links to more information on the projects accepted for ns-3's 2012 Google Summer of Code effort.

LTE Scheduling with the FemtoForum MAC Scheduler API

  • Student: Dizhi Zhou
  • Mentor: Nicola Baldo
  • Abstract: This project will develop several main MAC schedulers for LTE. It also includes corresponding test suites and user manual.
  • Wiki page

HLA Interfaces for NS-3

  • Student: Mudit Raj Gupta
  • Mentor: Tommaso Pecorella
  • Abstract: The project deals with writing a HLA compliant scheduler for NS-3 and relevant supporting classes with an HLA API to help NS-3 participate in distributed simulations with other simulators, preferably scenario simulators. HLA is an IEEE standard, facilitates interoperability among simulations and promotes reuse of simulation models. The project also deals with testing of the same by using a portico RTI and a simple distributed simulation on HLA Repast Symphony and NS-3.
  • Wiki page
  • Blog

Network Address and Port Translation (NAT) models

  • Student: V. Sindhuja
  • Mentor: Tom Henderson
  • Abstract: Implementing a solid working NAT model for the NS3 framework taking into account the different behavior that NAT exhibits in a network equipping the node to act as a successful network edge device, also giving way for further security (firewall) implementations. This would include reusing Netfilter implementation on NS3 to facilitate NAT and then implement NAT itself. This would mimic the Linux NAT model and have added extensions.
  • Wiki page
  • Blog