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Accepted Projects

This page links to more information on the projects accepted for ns-3's 2013 Google Summer of Code effort.

Implementation of WAVE 1609.4/802.11p

  • Student: Junling Bu
  • Mentor: Guillaume Remy, Tom Henderson, Daniel Lertpratchya
  • Abstract: Since WAVE communication standards have been published, there exist many relevant implementations including prototypes, products, and simulations. However the implementation varies significantly, some of them even based on old draft standards.Besides that, ns-3 has no complete WAVE module yet. So I plan to implement WAVE 1609.4/802.11p in mac layer for ns-3, with complete testsuits, examples, helpers and documents.
  • Wiki page

Improvements to UE Measurements in Active and Idle Mode for LTE Module

  • Student: Budiarto Herman
  • Mentor: Nicola Baldo, Marco Miozzo, Manuel Requena, Jaime Ferragut
  • Abstract: The LTE module of ns-3 was recently updated (LENA M6) with support for UE measurements and automatic handover. The project aims to improve these models with more advanced features based on 3GPP E-UTRAN specifications and several research publications. The development covers three major features: UE measurements, initial cell selection, and handover algorithms.