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Accepted Projects

This page links to more information on the projects accepted for ns-3's 2014 Google Summer of Code effort.

LTE Fractional Frequency Reuse algorithms

  • Student: Piotr Gawlowicz
  • Mentors: Nicola Baldo and Marco Miozzo.
  • Project page: GSOC2014LteFFR

Licklider Transmission Protocol (LTP)

  • Student: Rubén Martínez
  • Mentors: Tom Henderson and Tommaso Pecorella
  • Project page: GSOC2014LTP

Understanding Bufferbloat Through Simulations in ns-3

  • Student: Truc Anh N Nguyen
  • Mentors: Tom Henderson and Dave Täht
  • Project page: GSOC2014Bufferbloat

Multicast IPv6 traffic support

  • Student: Krishna Teja Yadavalli
  • Mentors: Tommaso Pecorella and Tom Henderson
  • Project page: GSOC2014MulticastIPv6