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As part of their Google Summer of Code 2023 applications to ns-3, we require that applicants produce at least a small amount of code for ns-3. This will allow us to gauge your ability to dive into source code, understand it, make a modification, and proceed to build and verify if your modification works.

Applicants who have already contributed a patch to ns-3 should check with the org admins whether the patch requirement can be satisfied by this prior code. If you have code posted somewhere else (GitHub, for example, or a class project page) that you feel is a good indicator of your ability to write ns-3 code, please point us to the URL.

For everyone else, there are two choices:

  1. Try to fix one of our open technical issues by submitting a merge request in the usual way.
    • Note: if there is already a fix pending for a given issue, one cannot duplicate the effort and submit a second request.
  2. Complete the minimum patch requirement project below, and submit the patch not as a merge request (where others can see it) but privately as a diff or patchfile, or snippet). You can email a patch to one of the org admins if you prefer.

Patch requirement

Setting up the environment

Perform the following steps (you may want to review our Installation guide).

  • Download the ns-3-dev repository, or fork it or clone it from Git:
 $: git clone
 $: cd ns-3-dev
 $: git checkout -b patch-requirement origin/master
  • Verify if you can build ns-3 and run the test suite:
 $: ./ns3 configure --enable-examples --enable-tests
 $: ./ns3 build
 $: ./


Provide a fix for Issue 263.

What to submit

A patch to ns-3-dev that accomplishes the objectives. In your GSoC application, point us to a publicly available URL where you've hosted the patch (such as a "gist" on, or a snippet on, for instance). You can also send a patch to one of the org admins. If you need help with this step, contact one of the org admins for advice.

Note: Keep your solution private by pasting the link in your application PDF to Google, or sending a patch to an org admin, not posting it on the mailing list.

Note: You can share your patch with a GSoC mentor prior to the deadline, for initial feedback, if you have any doubt about it.