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We would like to offer an opportunity to students who were not selected for GSoC or SOCIS but who may want to still work on their proposed projects under separate funding.

The project has to prioritize the official summer code projects (which are paid positions) but can help with additional projects on a best-effort basis.


  1. Find a project idea. There are many sources for ideas, including the Google Summer of Code ideas, the list of project ideas linked to by the masthead of this page, bugs that need fixing, etc. If you already applied to GSoC, you probably have a well developed idea already. We recommend to be modest in the idea at first or else decompose it to small pieces; a summer project such as "Build a complete GUI for ns-3" is unlikely to succeed.
  2. Find a project maintainer who will agree to mentor the project. It is recommended to send mail to the ns-developers mailing list to find people willing to help.
  3. List your project idea and mentor here
  4. With your mentor's help, create and maintain a project wiki page such as done by the Google Summer of Code students
  5. Define milestones and schedule with your mentor, and start to design and code
  6. Find a public place to show your code under development; possibilities include Bitbucket, GitHub, or the ns-3 code server.
  7. Keep track of what is going on in Google Summer of Code projects and try to follow the pattern (e.g. working towards a code review, communicating your progress on the list, etc.)

Travel grant opportunity

The ns-3 Consortium will sponsor a student travel grant to next year's Workshop on ns-3 for any student who applied to GSoC or SOCIS 2014, who successfully completes his or her summer project as a mentored summer project as defined above, and who has a paper about it accepted to next year's workshop.

List of 2014 mentored projects