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Program Schedule

  • May 23rd: Begin project.
  • July 11th - July 15th: Mid Term Code Review + feedback.
  • August 15th - August 19th: End Term Code Review + feedback.

Accepted Projects

This page links to more information on the projects accepted for ns-3's Summer of Code effort for 2011.

Click-MAC Extensions for ns-3-click

LTE-RRC Extensions

IPv6 Global Routing

  • Student: Atishay Jain
  • Mentors: Tom Henderson and Mitch Watrous
  • Project wiki
  • Abstract: This project proposes to implement global routing in ipv6 for ns-3. It involves extending the existing global routing protocol in ipv4. In global routing in ipv4 only OSPF has been used. The project would extend the existing ipv4-global-routing to ipv6 implementing, Open Shortest Path First. Implementation of ipv6 nix-vector support is also proposed if time permits.
  • Midterm code review:http://codereview.appspot.com/4812043/