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Project Overview

  • Project Name: Wifi PHY Restructure
  • Student: Muhammad Iqbal Rochman
  • Mentors: Sebastien Deronne, Hany Assasa, Getachew Redieteab
  • Project Goals: Restructuring PHY layer of Wifi module, which includes WifiPhy, WifiMode, and WifiPpdu
  • Repository: https://gitlab.com/kyuucr/ns-3-dev/-/tree/phy-new-arch
  • About: I am a graduate student of the University of Chicago. I have previously done an ns-3 GSoC project on the LAA/Wifi Coexistence module.
  • Abstract: This project aims to restructure PHY layer of the Wifi module, with the goal for easier implementation of any new and upcoming 802.11 standards. Based on a preliminary work by Rediet, which decouple standard-specific declaration from the main WifiPhy processes (sending, receiving). These standard-specific declaration are further abstracted using PhyEntity. We also identified works to be done in the WifiPpdu and WifiMode to accommodate new standards. WifiPpdu can be restructured to be a layered inheritance similar to PhyEntity, and some of PhyEntity functions can be moved to it (e.g., getting duration of a PPDU header). On the other hand, WifiMode which is responsible to Wifi MCS and rate-related calculation, may further be split to accommodate the differenct PhyEntity.


WifiPpdu Refactor

  • Sept 3: WIP MR for refactor of WifiPpdu is posted here [1]
  • Sept 14: Finalizing MR for WifiPpdu refactor
  • Sept 30: Finalized MR for WifiPpdu refactor [2]

WifiMode Refactor

  • Oct 18: WIP MR for WifiMode Refactor [3]
  • TBA: Final MR for WifiMode will be hosted in the same MR for WifiPpdu refactor

Quick Links

  • Rediet's project repository: [4]
  • Rediet's main MR: [5]

Project Completion

This project has successfully completed. Considering the complexity of the WifiPhy class in the wifi module, an architecture based on PhyEntity classes has been proposed in MR !347. Muhammad’s NSoC project aimed at restructuring other classes of the PHY layer, based on this new architecture. Muhammad focused on two classes WifiPpdu and WifiMode, so as to port the amendment-specific logic in dedicated classes.

The first part of the NSoC project, i.e. on WifiPpdu refactoring, has been submitted for review in MR !518. The second part, i.e. on WifiMode refactoring, is also available in MR !524.

This work will indeed facilitate the integration of new amendments.