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On September 18, 2019, ns-3.30.1 was published. This provided a hotfix to the wifi module (for which a performance regression had been reported) and a maintenance update for the latest clang compiler being planned for macOS 10.15. More details are available in the RELEASE_NOTES. Users who previously downloaded and started working on the ns-3.30 release may try a patch upgrade with the ns-3.30.1 changes.

The following issues and mitigations have been reported on ns-3.30 since the September 18 release of ns-3.30.1:

DCE not compatible with ns-3.30 or ns-3-dev

This issue is being worked on, hopefully to be remedied in a forthcoming ns-3.30.2 maintenance update.

bake.py build of ns-3 requires Waf re-configuration

Please see this thread for discussion and workaround: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/ns-3-users/r8Upap6_6aQ

We plan to fix in a forthcoming ns-3.30.2 maintenance update.

WiFi Block Ack Request bug

Please see: https://gitlab.com/nsnam/ns-3-dev/merge_requests/106

This has been fixed in ns-3-dev.

Pyviz and CSMA links


This possibly fixes it (under testing): https://gitlab.com/nsnam/ns-3-dev/merge_requests/113

PacketSocket tx trace callback

This patch fixes it: https://gitlab.com/nsnam/ns-3-dev/merge_requests/111

Microsoft WSLv1 and int64x64 test

When running test.py on WSLv1, the following test will fail:

List of FAILed tests:

Gabriel Ferreira reported that this is an upstream bug with WSLv1: https://github.com/microsoft/WSL/issues/830

He reported that WSLv2 fixes it, but is slower than WSLv1 for CPU-intensive applications.

openflow library detection

When following instructions to install openflow OFSID support, and pointing to it with the `--with-openflow=` argument to configure, the configure may still report "openflow library not found". A one-line fix to line 129 of the file `src/openflow/wscript` should fix this:

- os.path.abspath(os.path.join(conf.env['WITH_OPENFLOW'],'build','default')),
+ os.path.abspath(os.path.join(conf.env['WITH_OPENFLOW'],'build')),