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On May 23, 2022, ns-3.36.1 was published, following the April 30 release of ns-3.36. This page lists some issues that have been fixed in the mainline since that time. The maintainers may make an update to this release to cover some or all of these issues.

In general, build system issues were fixed by the ns-3.36.1 release, but there were also some bug fixes to the wifi, sixlowpan, energy, and stats modules. Please see the release page for more information about the ns-3.36.1 release, including a patch to upgrade to ns-3.36.1 from ns-3.36.

Adding files to scratch/ triggers a rebuild

Prior to ns-3.36, one could build ns-3 libraries, add a program to scratch/, and call `./waf build` and only that program would be built and linked. With ns-3.36, the same operation triggers a recompilation of the whole project.

This bug was fixed in changeset 98eaf7a7. This fix is part of ns-3.36.1.

Users can either update their code with that specific patch, or upgrade to ns-3.36.1 or ns-3-dev version.