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A number of external research projects and tools are using ns-3; below we list the ones that we know about.

Note: There are a few projects related to ns-3 that are maintained along with ns-3 and are posted on our main web site here. These include 1) Direct Code Execution, 2) pybindgen, 3) NetAnim, and 4) bake.

The LTE-EPC Network Simulator (LENA) project

A team of developers at CTTC (Nicola Baldo, Marco Miozzo, Manuel Requena, Jaume Nin) has announced the LENA (LTE/EPC Network simulAtor) project to be working in collaboration with Ubiquisys on an enhanced LTE module for ns-3.


Satellite extensions for ns-3

A project operated by Magister Solutions:


NEPI is a lifecycle experiment manager for network experiments, including testbed-based, virtual machine-based, and simulation (ns-3)-based experiments, and combinations thereof.


Framework for Network Co-Simulation (FNCS) project

A team at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory has created a co-simulation framework involving power systems simulators (transmission and distribution systems) and ns-3.



RapidNet RapidNet is a development toolkit, based on ns-3, for declarative networking.


The Named Data Networking simulator (ndnSIM) simulator for name-based networking research is based on ns-3.

N4C DTN project

The N4C project developed a DTN simulator combining LXC containers, ns-3 physical layer, and PyViz visualization.



ns-3-Wireless-Planning integrates two powerful applications: Radio Mobile (radio-systems simulator) and ns-3.


PhySim-Wifi is a detailed and accurate implementation of the OFDM-based IEEE 802.11 standard, with higher fidelity at the physical layer than found in ns-3.

NSF Frameworks for ns-3 project

A multi-year project funded by NSF to improve usability of ns-3. Please see NSF_Frameworks page.

Synchronized emulation (Slicetime)

The goal of the Slicetime project is to enable large-scale network emulation features by synchronizing the execution of a network simulator with virtual machines hosting arbitrary networking software.

ns-2 Trace Toolkit

The ns-2 Trace Toolkit was developed to analyze ns-2 traces, but also can be used for ns-3.


The WiMesh tool is a software tool for wireless mesh networks. WiMesh allows to evaluate and compare the performances of a number of algorithms proposed in the literature to assign channel, transmission rate and power to the radios of the network nodes. WiMesh automatically sets up and runs an ns-3 simulation starting from the network topology as returned by the selected channel assignment algorithm.


CROWD is a European FP7 project that targets very dense heterogeneous wireless access networks and integrated wireless-wired backhaul networks - See more at: Details on ns-3 integration can be found at this site:

VNS - Vehicular Networks Simulator

VNS is a high-performance simulator for vehicular networks, developed by Ricardo Fernandes at DCC-FCUP and Instituto de Telecomunicações | Porto. VNS can use ns-3 as an underlying network simulator.

The CHIC Real-Time Testbed Project

CHIC is a "project based on NS-3 for modeling and real-time emulation of Coherent Heterogeneous Integrated Cellular networks on parallel computing systems." Please see Russell Ford's thesis for more information. This is related to the CROWD project referenced above.


SimGrid is a simulator to study the behavior of large-scale distributed systems such as Grids, Clouds, HPC or P2P systems. SimGrid is a flow-based simulator but can alternatively use ns-3 (packet-level simulator) as its underlying network simulator; see this link.

Modeler and by 4-Layer Simulations LLC

4-Layer provides commercial tools and services for ns-3 simulation. The 4Layer Modeler tool is a graphical tool for constructing network models that can be simulated using ns-3. The service takes a model as input and generates an ns-3 "main" program as output. The 4Layer Modeler tool is licensed and not open source. The backend code of the Nephel3 service is not distributed and not open source. These developments were presented in a poster/demo at the 2016 ns-3 Workshop.

ns3-lxc Linux Container project

This project, by Mike Albert, automates the process of ns-3 real-time script creation and Linux Container creation and linkage.

Quantum Key Distribution Network Simulation Module

As reported by Miralem Mehic on the ns-developers mailing list (August 1, 2019): "Quantum Key Distribution Network Simulation Module (QKDNetSim) is a unique tool that aims at enabling the publication of the new results and findings in a communication over a public channel of the Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) link. QKDNetSim uses the well-known Crypto++ open-source C++ class cryptographic library and well-tested code libraries of NS-3 simulator with minimal modifications to allow overlay network communication and the packet encapsulation."

  • Corresponding author: Miralem Mehic <>
  • project page

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