A lot of our users do presentations on how to use ns-3 for various specific purposes but these documents can be more generally useful and are thus included here for wider consumption.

Title Date Formats
Workshop on Simulation of TCP Variants Using ns-3 STVN Workshop brochure  April 15-16, 2016  Session-1,
ns-3 overview given to NITK ns-3 workshop  July 2014  pdf
Tutorials at the ns-3 Consortium kickoff meeting  March 2013  pdf (scroll down to find links)
Walid Younes’s tutorial  June 2013  pdf
Konstantinos Katsaros’s tutorials for PGSDP workshop  2012  various pdfs
ns-3 tutorial at GENI GEC 9  November 4, 2010  Part 1 (pdf),
Part 2 (pdf),
DCE (pdf),
NEPI (pdf)
Gustavo Carneiro's lab brief on ns-3  April 20, 2010  pdf,
George Riley's ACM SpringSim keynote on ns-3  March 2010  ppt
Mathieu Lacage's Trilogy summer school talks  August 27th, 2009  video,
pdf handouts
latex/examples source
Mathieu Lacage's Tunis tutorial  April 7, 2009  pdf
Worshop on ns-3: Tutorial part 1 (ns-3 features)  March 2, 2009  pdf,  sample helper program
Worshop on ns-3: Tutorial part 2 (end-to-end system)  March 2, 2009  pdf,  sample low-level program
Simutools 08  March 5, 2008  pdf,
handouts (pdf),
source code