NetAnim (Version 3.103) was bundled with ns-3.16. It is also available via mercurial by using:”hg clone”. The release notes are available at Release Notes. For more details refer the wiki page.


Some of the features available in this version are:

  1. Tabulating Node positions (X,Y co-ordinates) vs time.

  2. Plotting the path of a mobile node vs time. This may be useful to visualize the distance between 2 nodes at various simulation time.

Node position and trajectory

  1. Tabulating packet transmission and reception between nodes vs time.


  1. Displaying brief packet meta-data with the ability to do regex filtering on the text

Packet Meta data

  1. Ability to go back and forward smoothly in simulation time using the Sim-time slider

  2. Support for setting the following attributes before simulation and modifying them during simulation

  • P2p Link Description
  • Color of the nodes
  • Visibility of the nodes
  • Description of the nodes (Default is Node ID)

Node color, link description, Node description


Hide a node                                                       


  1. Built-in support for printing the IP and MAC at the interfaces. Currently if there is a text overlap, the IP/MAC text will be positioned outside the scene and connected by light blue line, to prevent clutter.

IPv4 Address on interface

MAC Address on interface


  1. XML Tags for packet and wpacket now support “p” and “wp” respectively (instead of “packet” and “wpacket”), to save disk-space.

9 Ability to capture the animation trace file for a given time slot rather than the entire simulation