The ns-3 project and Google Summer of Code today accepted the applications of students Junling Bu and Budiarto Herman to participate in the 2013 Google Summer of Code.

Junling Bu, with his proposal titled “Implementation of WAVE 1609.4/802.11p”, will be mentored by Guillaume Rémy. WAVE is the IEEE standard for communications in vehicular ad-hoc networks (VANETs). This standard defines how vehicles can communicate together, and how they can communicate with road-side units (RSUs). The physical layer used in this protocol (802.11p) is similar to 802.11a (the 10MHz version). Higher layers introduce multi-channel operations that deal with specific VANET constraints (low-latency for safety applications, high mobility of vehicles, …). Junling Bu has been selected to work on this project during this summer: he will implement all layers needed to simulate an accurate WAVE network, beginning with lower MAC layer, and up to the channel management mechanisms.

Budiarto Herman, with his project titled “Improvements to UE Measurements in Active and Idle Mode for the LTE Module”, will be mentored by Nicola Baldo, Marco Miozzo, Manuel Requena and Jaime Ferragut. LTE is today’s cutting edge mobile communications technology, and the ns-3 LTE module is already quite popular among researchers and engineers working on the design of advanced LTE solutions. However, the ns-3 LTE module lacks some features for the simulation of advanced handover scenarios, in particular the support for some types of UE measurements, cell selection in idle mode, and a broader range of state-of-the-art handover algorithms. The goal of this project is to implement these missing features. If successful, this project will help ns-3 users and development in the simulation of LTE handover scenarios and the design and evaluation of innovative handover algorithms.