The proceedings are published in the ACM Digital Library.

Wednesday, June 17, 2020, 13:00 UTC

Links to slides and to pre-recorded videos are provided below for each paper.

Paper presentations

1) Sian Jin, Sumit Roy, Weihua Jiang, and Thomas R. Henderson, Efficient Abstractions for Implementing TGn Channel and OFDM-MIMO Links in ns-3; video; slides

2) Tommaso Zugno, Michele Polese, Natale Patriciello, Biljana Bojovic, Sandra Lagen, and Michele Zorzi, Implementation of a Spatial Channel Model for ns-3; video; slides (Awarded Best Paper)

3) Matteo Drago, Tommaso Zugno, Michele Polese, Marco Giordani, and Michele Zorzi, MilliCar - An ns-3 Module for mmWave NR V2X Networks; video; slides

4) Benjamin Sliwa, Mahuel Patchou, Karsten Heimann, and Christien Wietfeld, Simulating Hybrid Aerial- and Ground-based Vehicular Networks with ns-3 and LiMoSim; video; slides

5) Oscar Bautista Chia and Kemal Akkaya, Extending IEEE 802.11s Mesh Routing for 3-D Mobile Drone Applications in NS-3; video; slides

6) Ahmet Kurt and Kemal Akkaya, Connectivity Maintenance Extensions to IEEE 802.11s MAC Layer in NS-3; video; slides

Thursday, June 18, 2020, 13:00 UTC

Paper presentations

7) Renato Cruz, Helder Fontes, José Ruela, Manuel Ricardo, and Rui Campos, On the Reproduction of Real Wireless Channel Occupancy in ns-3; video; slides

8) Vivek Jain, Thomas R. Henderson, Shravya K. S., and Mohit P. Tahiliani, Data Center TCP in ns-3: Implementation, Validation, and Evaluation; video; slides

9) Hao Yin, Pengyu Liu, Keshu Liu, Liu Cao, Lytianyang Zhang, Yayu Gao, and Xiaojun Hei, NS3-AI: Fostering Artificial Intelligence Algorithms for Networking Research; video; slides

Lightning talk session

Lightning talks are brief 5-minute talks, and are not part of the published proceedings.

1) Arsh Goyal, Custom Link Adaptation Algorithms (not presented due to technical difficulties)

2) Stefano Avallone, Future plans for the ns-3 wifi module

3) Sharan Naribole, IEEE 802.11be Multi-link Operation in ns-3

4) Szymon Szott, nETFRAStructure: an Exemplary Text-based Framework for Running and Analyzing Simulations in ns-3

5) Muhammad Naeem, Simulation of a Sigfox-based Case Study

6) Lorenza Giupponi, 5G NR: activities and roadmap

7) Ben Newton, Spatial indexing and clipping for accelerating large-scale ns-3 simulations

8) Anand Ganti, Clustering as a load balancing method to speed up PDES in ns-3

9) Shyam Parekh, Software Defined Mobile Load Balancing (MLB) in LTE & 5G Networks

10) Davide Magrin, Validation of the ns-3 802.11ax OFDMA implementation

ns-3 Consortium Annual Meeting

The workshop concluded with the annual meeting of the ns-3 Consortium; slides.