Links to tutorial videos are provided below.

NR, NR-U and NR-V2X for ns-3: Models and usage

  • Date/time: Tuesday, June 21, 1330 UTC (9:30am Eastern Daylight Time)
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Presenters: Zoraze Ali (Ericsson, Sweden) and Biljana Bojovic (CTTC, Spain)
  • Abstract: In 2017 CTTC started working on the NR module for ns-3, otherwise known as 5G-LENA, in the context of a collaboration with Interdigital. In 2019, CTTC released its first release NR-v0.1, and in June of 2022 released NR-v2.2, compatible with ns-3.36.1. Since its beginning, the NR module has gained more than 1000 GitLab users, among which are many companies. Over five years of 5G-LENA development, the NR module has added many new features, and extensions, such as NR-U and NR-V2X– both pioneering open-source simulator implementations for corresponding technologies. The goal of this tutorial is to allow a broader ns-3 community to learn the NR module, and all the features that have been developed over time, including the NR-U and NR-V2X extensions, and to learn how to use the NR module and its extensions.
  • Topics:
    • The NR module introduction (45 minutes, Biljana Bojovic): The theoretical introduction to the NR module, covering the NR module architecture and design, the NR protocol stack, and the main features in the NR module.
    • The NR demo example (30 minutes, Biljana Bojovic): A hands-on session using a typical NR module example, with a goal to explain how to build the desired topology, configure the NR parameters, go through the NR module traces and logs.
    • The NR-U module intro and example (30 minutes, Biljana Bojovic): Explain the NR-U implementation and go through a simple example of NR-U and Wi-Fi coexistence.
    • The NR-V2X design and implementation (45 minutes, Zoraze Ali): The introduction to NR-V2X focuses on the high-level design and implementation details of the NR V2X feature developed on top of CTTC 5G-LENA and ns-3 LTE modules.
    • The NR-V2X example (30 minutes, Zoraze Ali): A hands-on session using an example included in the NR-V2X module.
  • Materials:

Visualizing a Scenario Using the NetSimulyzer Visualizer

  • Date/time: Tuesday, June 21, 1700 UTC (1pm Eastern Daylight Time)
  • Presenter: Evan Black (National Institute of Standards and Technology)
  • Abstract: This tutorial covers the NetSimulyzer, an open-source, 3D ns-3 visualizer. It begins with a brief presentation introducing the tool, and some new features with copy-able code snippets and screenshots. Then we walk through creating a ns-3 scenario, integrating the tool along the way. We will conclude with some best practices and Q&A.
  • Materials: