There are two primary ways to log bug reports, patches, or feature requests:

  1. email the ns-developers mailing list (you will need to subscribe to the list to be able to post, and first-time posts are moderated); or
  2. enter the bug into the database yourself

We strongly prefer the second approach; email to the mailing list runs the risk of falling through the cracks. The second approach requires you to create your own account.

If you think you’ve found a bug and want to report it, please do the following three things first:

  1. search issues to see if someone has entered a similar bug.
  2. search Google to see if the bug has been previously encountered and discussed on an email thread
  3. if you are new to reporting bugs, please read the bug writing guidelines written on our old Bugzilla page (the guidelines pertain to the newer use of

Note that providing a simple, reduced test case that reliably reproduces the bug is often requested by the maintainers, so please try to craft such a test case and upload it to the issue tracker.