General Chair

Contact Tommaso Pecorella, DINFO - UniFi (tommaso.pecorella at for any specific questions about local information.

VISA requirements

The official web form to check if you need a VISA, and outlining the procedures to obtain one if so, is found at this link.

If you need a VISA to attend, use the “Business” type. You will need this document signed by T. Pecorella. Please modify and send it to and, along with a physical address and a phone number for the courier.

Location of the meeting

The meeting will be held at: Viale Giovanni Battista Morgagni, 40, 50134 Firenze FI, Italy. The closest Tramvia stop is: T1 - “Morgagni - Università”.

Local hotel information

UniFi maintains this fact sheet regarding possible accommodations, although it does not appear to have been updated yet for 2019.

We have found some hotels that are close to the WNS3:

However, any hotel nearby the Tramvia will do, as there is a stop right in front of the WNS3 location.