Registration is being handled by the University of Washington Conference Services, on behalf of the ns-3 Consortium (the sponsor of the annual meeting). Registration fees cover the cost of holding the meeting, and any extra funding is provided to the the ns-3 Consortium for future use by the open source project.

Registration is required for attending ns-3 training (Monday and Tuesday), the Workshop on ns-3 (Wednesday), and the Workshop on Next-Generation Wireless (Friday). No registration is required to attend the activities (ns-3 Consortium Annual Meeting, other software development meetings) on Thursday.

Discount rates are available to attendees from a governmental facility (e.g. a national lab), academic institution, or other non-profit organization. Student rates are available to students meeting the IEEE criteria for student membership.

To register, please visit the UW registration site and select the appropriate registration category and the events of interest. Registration is open through Friday June 14.