ns-3.32 was released on October 7, 2020. ns-3.32 includes the following new features:

  • A new TCP congestion control, TcpLinuxReno, has been added.
  • A model for TCP dynamic pacing based on Linux has been added.
  • The PIE queue disc has been extended with additional features:
    • queue delay calculation using timestamp feature (Linux default behavior)
    • ECN support (Section 5.1 of RFC 8033)
    • derandomization (Section 5.4 of RFC 8033)
    • cap drop adjustment Section 5.5 of RFC 8033)
    • Active/Inactive mode
  • Added L4S mode to FqCoDel and CoDel queue discs
  • Added netmap and DPDK emulation device variants
  • Added capability to configure STL pair and containers as attributes
  • Added CartesianToGeographic coordinate conversion capability
  • Added LollipopCounter, a sequence number counter type
  • Added 6 GHz band support for Wi-Fi 802.11ax

The release also includes numerous bug fixes and small improvements, listed in the RELEASE_NOTES.

Download: The ns-3.32 release download is available from this link. This download is a source archive that contains some additional tools (bake, netanim, pybindgen) in addition to the ns-3.32 source. The ns-3 source code by itself can also be checked out of our Git repository by referencing the tag 'ns-3.32'.

Documentation: The documentation is available in several formats from this link.

  • What has changed since ns-3.31? Consult the changes and RELEASE_NOTES pages for ns-3.32.
  • A patch to upgrade from ns-3.31 to ns-3.32 can be found here
  • Errata containing any late-breaking information about the release can be found here