Note: Please see below about the ns-3.36.1 minor release update of ns-3.36.

ns-3.36 was released on April 30, 2022, and updated by ns-3.36.1 on May 23, 2022, due to contributions from thirty authors. This release includes a change of the ns-3 build system from Waf to CMake. A new phased array spectrum propagation loss model has been added to better support different 4G/5G MIMO models that can exploit the multiple subarray concept, and multiple PhasedArray antenna models can be supported per device. LTE handover now works with carrier aggregation configurations. This was mainly a maintenace and bug-fixing release cycle for the Wi-Fi module, but the default Wi-Fi standard has been upgraded to 802.11ax. Many additional improvements and bug fixes are listed in the RELEASE_NOTES.


The ns-3.36.1 release download is available from this link. This download is a source archive that contains some additional tools (bake, netanim, pybindgen) in addition to the ns-3.36.1 source. The ns-3 source code by itself can also be checked out of our Git repository by referencing the tag ‘ns-3.36.1’.


The documentation is available in several formats from this link.

  • What has changed since ns-3.35? Consult the changes and RELEASE_NOTES pages for ns-3.36.
  • What has changed between ns-3.36 and the ns-3.36.1 release? Consult the changes and RELEASE_NOTES pages for ns-3.36.1.
  • A patch to upgrade from ns-3.35 to ns-3.36 can be found here
  • A patch to upgrade from ns-3.36 to ns-3.36.1 can be found here
  • Errata containing any late-breaking information about the release can be found here