ns-3.41 was released on February 9, 2024, due to contributions from twenty-three authors. This release includes changes to the cellular antenna models; the UniformPlanarArray model was extended to support multiple horizontal and vertical antenna ports, and dual-polarized antennas. The 3GPP-based propagation models were also aligned with the antenna models. The wifi module added more support for Wi-Fi 7 (EHT) features, including improved EMLSR multi-link support, extensions to block ack buffer size, and support in the IdealWifiManager rate control. The LR-WPAN module introduced a layer abstraction that eliminates dependencies on a single layer and enables the addition of new MAC layers. Further changes include grouping MAC primitives status enumerations into a single status enumeration with a resulting code reduction and handling optimization. The MAC primitive MLME-GET.request received increased support of attributes. Primitives including the SuperframeField and the CapabilityField were modified to support standard bitmaps which are closer resemble descriptions in the standard. Many additional improvements and bug fixes are listed in the RELEASE_NOTES and CHANGES files.


The ns-3.41 release download is available from this link. This download is a source archive that contains some additional tools (bake, netanim) in addition to the ns-3.41 source. The ns-3 source code by itself can also be checked out of our Git repository by referencing the tag ‘ns-3.41’.


The documentation is available in several formats from this link.

  • What has changed since ns-3.40? Consult the changes and RELEASE_NOTES pages.
  • Errata containing any late-breaking information about the release can be found here
  • A patch to upgrade from ns-3.40 to ns-3.41 can be found here